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can you imagine how much the Jaeger Program meant to the poor and weak of the world?

like it is explicitly stated that the rich and powerful lived way inland, safer from the kaiju than those along the Pacific coastlines of the world. Can you imagine the interiors of various countries gentrifying, forcing lower-income families further and further from safety? Can you imagine having to tell your kids that you can’t afford your suddenly hyper-expensive home in, say, Idaho, and your best chance of being able to get an affordable house is on the coast of Oregon, where any day an enormous monster could pop up to say ‘hi fuck all of you’?

can you imagine how beloved the jaeger pilots are by the people on the coast? how happy they are that the battles are taking place out in the ocean rather than on top of their houses?


I just want to know precisely everything about the world of Pacific Rim not even just about the pilots I want to know about the average people living on the front lines of this horrible alien war and what sort of things they think about every day and how they live their lives and what kind of dumb blog posts they make and I want to see the riots that started over the Wall because no fuck you, you can’t take away their giant metal protectors and leave them with a wall that’s practically nothing, how dare you

Posted 8 months ago on 30 Jul 2013 @ 9:42 pm
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